Chemical-free water preparation

Chemical-free water preparation

Water preparation by HydroFLOW technology

HydroFLOW technologies offer rather convenient, spectacular and safe and mainly final solutions to owners of houses with a garden or even to the biggest industrial users every place where water is used but inconveniences due to water are to be avoided. Water users face the problems caused by limescale in terms of esthetics, hygiene or finances every day. Unfortunately, the equipment of various kinds currently available in the market cannot offer an appropriate solution in every aspect and the users have no trust in the water treatment equipment available as they do not meet the actual requirements.

As a start, a few words about our devices

HydroFLOW is the only product in the market, the efficiency of which does not depend on the water flow quantity or speed and works in both directions, also against the water flow. The equipment emits random electric impulses into water. As a result, it forms precipitation points in the pipeline system, in other words, ions form crystals later. When boiling water, the quantity of the precipitated particles, which in general deposit on surfaces, gradually increases in the solution and these are discharged with the water flow. It includes an automatic unit that provides an uninterrupted impulse flow from the device into the water system 24 hours a day and on 7 days a week.

Further advantages of their use are as follows:

  • they prevent the appearance of amoeba and several other bacteria or they reduce their life cycle

  • they prevent the formation of algae

  • they reduce the risk caused by legionella bacteria

  • they improve the filter performance without using any chemicals

  • they reduce the frequency of flushing

  • they reduce corrosion in the system

  • they release chlorine radicals in the water

  • they reduce the quantity of the chlorine used in water treatment

  • they reduce the acid and chemical need required for pH adjustment and cleaning

  • they prevent the formation of limescale

  • they continuously dissolve limescale already developed

  • the use of chemical substances and chemicals can be reduces even by 90 %

In addition to the technical benefits, there are considerable ecological and financial returns. Whereas less chemicals are used, the environmental damage is reduced by using this equipment. As less chemicals are needed, it protects not only the environment but also it saves your money. Less flushing is needed so water consumption and water heating also are reduced, consequently you can save on electricity consumption.

As far as pools are concerned, convenience is enhanced by using this solution as there is no strong chlorine smell any more. As a result of all this, the useful life of the system and equipment treated with this technology increases.