Energy audit

Its objective is to reduce energy costs applying the following measures:

  • screening the available energy structure

  • detecting losses

  • identifying cost reduction possibilities

The above test can cover according to our customers’ demand as follows:

  • technology system

  • heating system

  • domestic hot water system

  • air conditioning and ventilation system

  • fans, pumps and compressors

We can see several times that the performance included in the system change in the course of operation for many years and also, customers’ habits can change. Energy supply system components become older and they lose some of their efficiency. When new energy supply units are installed, the inspection of any possible use of waste heat is not considered in each case.

During the energy audit carried out by our company, we survey energy states and submit professional proposals to increase efficiency and avoid losses, consequently, to reduce energy costs. If certain elements of our proposal include alterations that require some investments, we are ready to make a complete calculation on demand concerning the return on such investments.