Energoszerviz is a company wholly owned by Hungarian shareholders offering manufacturing services and services connected with production and servicing to industrial companies requiring technological steam supply.


Our company is involved in supplying and servicing power plant and steam boiler systems not only in Hungary but in several countries of the European Union.

We offer efficient, reliable, automated and environmentally friendly systems that provide technological steam supply to several industries:

  • Steel production

  • Production of building and insulating materials

  • Production of biodiesel

  • Furniture industry

  • Tobacco industry

  • Confectionary industry

  • Gas industry

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Rubber and plastic production

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Fruit processing

  • Waste management

  • Meat industry

  • Real estate management

  • Canning industry

  • Transport

  • Agriculture

  • Paper, packaging material and printing industry

  • Clothing and textile industry

  • Porcelain production

  • Bakery industry

  • Production of spirits and soft drinks

  • Production of feed

  • Dairy industry

  • Railways

  • Chemical industry

  • Electrical industry

If you look around, no matter where you are, at work, at home, sitting in a car, chatting at a restaurant or waiting at a railway station, you will likely find products manufactured by steam provided by our company such as building materials, household appliances, furniture, plastic utensils, textile products, paper, meat, dairy or canned products, frozen food, bakery products, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, confectionery products etc.

The products of our company may not be directly visible but the results of our work can be found in every field of life and every age group uses them. They contribute to the creation of our environment and to our way of life.

We are proud to announce that in the recent decades we have improved our systems, technology procedures, meeting the requirements of the energy industry making significant progress. Due to our flexibility and the fact that we are open to meet our partners’ needs, our company has become a solid and dynamically developing enterprise. We have been detecting and reducing substances harmful to the environment by recommending clean and sustainable technologies.


An exciting vision emerges for us as carrying out our activity we clearly see how quickly the requirements concerning technologies are changing and developing. At the same time, our customers and we consider environmental awareness is gaining increasing importance. In the future, we will also put our values at the services of them.