Renewal of industrial fittings

In our workshop equipped with single-purpose machines, we carry out repair and renewal of mechanical equipment, fittings, water level indicators, safety valves, pressure regulators and thermostats for boiler rooms and on demand, we arrange for obtaining certificates attesting the before mentioned activities.

We take 12-month warranty for renewals carried out by our company. We accept orders concerning the renewal of fittings available and owned by our customers. For bigger orders we grant further allowances and provide transport.

Price list for fitting renewals

Description:Shut-off valve, check valve and filterBlowdown valveCondensed water separatorSteam pressure reducing valveSafety valveWater level indicator
Nominal pressurePN 16PN 40PN 40TDK-BMK25/1PN 16PN 16-40PN 10-40
Méret       L=300-500
DN 154100 HUF9400 HUF 10300 HUF15000 HUF   
DN 204400 HUF9800 HUF 11600 HUF15600 HUF 34800 HUF88500 HUF
DN 255400 HUF10600 HUF 14000 HUF16000 HUF59500 HUF35600 HUF 
DN 326200 HUF12500 HUF40400 HUF18500 HUF 64800 HUF40400 HUF 
DN 407400 HUF14900 HUF48300 HUF23800 HUF 89000 HUF43000 HUF 
DN 508500 HUF17900 HUF56800 HUF26800 HUF 116800 HUF52000 HUF 
DN 6512000 HUF26700 HUF   135600 HUF63000 HUF 
DN 8015400 HUF32400 HUF   150500 HUF86000 HUF 
DN 10023700 HUF48900 HUF   175600 HUF112000 HUF 
DN 12535800 HUF82900 HUF   227700 HUF162000 HUF 
DN 15045900 HUF123600 HUF   278000 HUF212000 HUF  
DN 200 238600 HUF      
DN 300 340000 HUF      

The prices do not include VAT!
The renewal costs include the price of sealants without the replacement of spare parts.