Overhauled Fittings

Description:Shut-off, throttle, check valve and filterBlowdown valveCondensed water separatorSteam pressure reducing valveSafety valveWater level indicator
Nominal pressurePN 16PN 40PN 40TDK-BMK25/1PN 16PN 16-40PN 10-40
Size       L=300-500
DN 1511 000-HUF18 800.-HUF 18 000.-HUF26 500.-HUF   
DN 2011 500.-HUF19 700.-HUF 20 100.-HUF26 900.-HUF 66 000.-HUF198 000.-HUF
DN 2513 100.-HUF20 700.-HUF 24 100.-HUF27 600.-HUF130 000.-HUF69 000.-HUF 
DN 3213 400.-HUF26 900.-HUF87 500.-HUF31 800.-HUF 141 500.-HUF79 500.-HUF 
DN 4017 100.-HUF30 800.-HUF105 200.-HUF41 500.-HUF 195 000.-HUF85 200.-HUF 
DN 5021 900.-HUF38 300.-HUF122 600.-HUF46 500.-HUF 255 000.-HUF108 000.-HUF 
DN 6530 200.-HUF56 600.-HUF   297 000.-HUF139 500.-HUF 
DN 8037 000.-HUF69 600.-HUF   329 000.-HUF177 600.-HUF 
DN 10050 800.-HUF100 100.-HUF   382 800.-HUF231 600.-Ft 
DN 12574 200.-HUF171 600.-HUF   496 500.-HUF335 000.-HUF 
DN 15098 000.-HUF261 600.-HUF   606 500.-HUF437 500.-HUF 
DN 200 unique priceunique price      

The prices do not include VAT!
The renewal costs include the price of sealants without the replacement of  spare parts. 
The costs of the official certification of safety valves: HUF 15.000 + VAT
We buy fittings disassembled or not in use!
Contact: Sándor Oláh: +36 30 229 3486