Overhauled Fittings

Description:Shut-off, throttle, check valve and filterBlowdown valveCondensed water separatorSteam pressure reducing valveSafety valveWater level indicator
Nominal pressurePN 16PN 40PN 40TDK-BMK25/1PN 16PN 16-40PN 10-40
Size       L=300-500
DN 155200 Ft11800 Ft 13000 Ft19000 Ft   
DN 205500 Ft12000 Ft 14500 Ft19500 Ft 43500 Ft110600 Ft
DN 256800 Ft13000 Ft 17500 Ft20000 Ft74000 Ft44600 Ft 
DN 327800 Ft15700 Ft50500 Ft23000 Ft 81000 Ft50500 Ft 
DN 409300 Ft18800 Ft60500 Ft30000 Ft 111800 Ft54000 Ft 
DN 5010600 Ft22500 Ft71000 Ft33500 Ft 146000 Ft65000 Ft 
DN 6515000 Ft33500 Ft   169500 Ft79000 Ft 
DN 8019000 Ft40500 Ft   188000 Ft107500 Ft 
DN 10029700 Ft61000 Ft   219500 Ft112000 Ft 
DN 12544800 Ft103500 Ft   284500 Ft203000 Ft 
DN 15057400 Ft154500 Ft   374500 Ft  
DN 200 298000 Ft      

The prices do not include VAT!
The renewal costs include the price of sealants without the replacement of  spare parts.